“12 Viral 12-Foot Home Depot Skeleton Pics That Will Leave You Spooked!”

Halloween Home Improvement: Decorating with a 12-Foot Skeleton

Halloween Home Improvement: Decorating with a 12-Foot Skeleton

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The Viral 12-Foot Skeleton from Home Depot

The viral 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot has taken Halloween decorations to the next level. Recently, members of the BuzzFeed Community have been sharing pictures of how they’re decorating with it this year. Here are 11 hilarious pictures of the viral 12-foot skeletons on display for Halloween 2023:

A giant spiderweb and spider accompany the 12-foot skeleton on a front lawn.
The skeleton is the centerpiece of an outdoor graveyard display complete with tombstones and a fog machine.
The skeleton is dressed up like Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
The skeleton is set up to look like it’s swimming in a pool, complete with floaties and beach balls.
The skeleton is posed in various yoga positions in a zen garden display.
The skeleton is dressed like a superhero, with a cape and mask.
The skeleton is climbing the side of a house, held up by ropes and pulleys.
The skeleton is set up alongside a “Game of Thrones” castle backdrop, with fake fire and dragon props.
The skeleton is used as a prop in a spooky, haunted house display complete with cobwebs and bats.
The skeleton is seen sitting in a lawn chair, sipping a margarita and relaxing.
The skeleton is used in a “Where’s Waldo?”-themed display, with the entire scene designed to look like an I Spy book.

If you’re decorating with a giant skeleton of your own this Halloween, make sure to share a picture in the comments section below!

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