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Enhancing Employability Skills through Senior Mock Interviews at KCCC


KCCC provides its students with a platform to enhance their employability skills through senior mock interviews. The school believes that by preparing the students for job interviews with future employers, they can help them secure better job positions and achieve success in their chosen career paths.

The Mock Interview Process

The mock interview process is conducted annually at KCCC with students evaluated on their resumes, introductions, appearance, interview questions, and overall employability. This process challenges the students to show professionalism in various areas and to gain their first experience of a professional interview in a recognizable place.

The Impact of Mock Interviews on Students

Mock interviews at KCCC provide a wealth of opportunities and experience for the students. Thanks to the efforts of the school counselors, many students are offered second interviews or a phone call back, and some even get offered a job on the spot. The relationships created between students and business professionals during the mock interview process support the success of students and lead to follow-up shadowing, second interviews, and employment opportunities.

Gratitude to Business Professionals and Businesses

KCCC expresses its gratitude to the following business professionals and businesses who volunteered their time to conduct interviews with the students:

Gail Reinhart (Five Seasons Landscaping)
Donna Baker (Shannon Staffing)
Nate Hudepohl (EWI)
Jeremy Biggs (JELD-WEN)
Denise Patrick and Emily Vonck (YMCA of Mount Vernon)
Chris Mead (Ariel Corporation)
Lori Rudrick (Ohio Means Jobs)
Barb Davies (Ohio Eastern Star Home)
Paul Eddy (Cosby Heating and Cooling)
Linda Nelson, Sherry Curry (KCCC)
Austin Semerar and John Swiatek (Fredericktown Chevrolet)
Wendall Yoder (North Main Cafe)
Jackie Thompson (CK Construction)
Hanna Ford (Knox Community Hospital)
Jessica Clark (Knox Concrete Construction).


The senior mock interview process at KCCC provides students with valuable experience in preparing for future job interviews. By doing so, they equip students with skills that make them employable in their desired jobs. KCCC is grateful to the business professionals and businesses whose commitment and support make the process successful.

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