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    Toronto’s Best Summer Yet: More Patios Than Ever with New Rules!

    Toronto Set to Have More Patios Than Ever in Summer 2024 Thanks to New Bylaw Amendments Introduction Toronto may endure long and harsh winters, but the city definitely makes up for it during the summer months with its dedication to patio culture. With the growing demand for outdoor dining, Toronto City is now planning to […] More

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    “Migrants in NYC Scramble for Beds as Shelter Offerings Dwindle”

    The Migrant Crisis in New York City Providing Emergency Shelter to Migrants New York City is facing an 18-month migrant crisis, and it is legally obligated to provide a bed for every homeless person who requests one under a decades-old court settlement. However, with more than 65,000 migrants currently seeking emergency shelter, the city has […] More

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    “NYC mulls outdoor camps for migrants as indoor spaces run out”

    New York City Running Out of Indoor Space for Migrant Shelters Mayor Eric Adams has expressed concern that the city is rapidly running out of indoor spaces that can be used as shelters for migrants moving into the city. To prevent a potentially dire situation from arising, the city is now considering the use of […] More

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    NYC unveils permanent rules for outdoor dining

    The Benefits of Outdoor Dining in New York City Introduction Mayor Eric Adams of New York City recently signed a bill mandating guidelines for permanent outdoor dining in the city. This move is aimed at creating “clean, safe, and rat-free” dining atmosphere for the city’s residents and tourists. The implementation of this new regulation follows […] More