Toronto’s Best Summer Yet: More Patios Than Ever with New Rules!

Toronto Set to Have More Patios Than Ever in Summer 2024 Thanks to New Bylaw Amendments


Toronto may endure long and harsh winters, but the city definitely makes up for it during the summer months with its dedication to patio culture. With the growing demand for outdoor dining, Toronto City is now planning to simplify the process of obtaining patio permits so that more bars, restaurants, cafes, and stores can take advantage of the warm weather once it arrives. The new regulations will aim to reduce red tape and increase dining and socializing opportunities for residents.


In a motion set to be presented to city council in November, Toronto is set to introduce its first-ever permanent changes to patio regulations. This move was inspired by the successful CafeTO program, which was launched in response to the pandemic to expand outdoor dining options for businesses. Through CafeTO, public spaces were opened up for establishment owners who would then set up temporary patios so as to provide a safer alternative to indoor dining.

New Bylaw Amendments

The new bylaw amendments will allow for easier access to patio permits for businesses in Toronto. The city’s Planning and Housing Committee approved the changes this week, and they are set to be adopted by city council on November 8.

Expanding Outdoor Terraces

One of the key changes is the expansion of outdoor terrace permissions in certain zones, such as parking lots and residential apartment commercial areas. This will allow more businesses to utilize outdoor space for their clients, even if the said space was originally designated for parking or other activities.

Retailers Allowed to Sell Goods in Private Outdoor Spaces

Another revolutionary change is that retailers who have private outdoor spaces will be allowed to sell goods outside. This means that retailers will have an extra source of income and that consumers in Toronto will have a more extensive range of shopping options during the summer months.

Extension of Existing Temporary Use Bylaws

The existing temporary use bylaws, which were enacted during the pandemic to help businesses with patios, will also be extended without the usual public meeting and appeal process required. This will remove the potential for businesses to have to go through a lengthy process of appeals and instead streamline the process to get permits quickly.


When the new bylaw amendments are adopted, Toronto residents and visitors can expect a much more robust patio culture in the city in the summer of 2024, with a broader range of options for bars, restaurants, cafes, and stores. Although prime patio season has come and gone for 2023, the expected summer of 2024 will be more lively and vibrant than ever, thanks to these new changes.

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