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    Seaside Sanctuary: $8M Renovation Revives Rundown NE Home

    Renowned Tech Entrepreneur Rouzbeh Yassini’s $12.5 Million Oceanfront Estate The Exquisite Perimeter Every May and September, Rouzbeh Yassini lavishly adorns the marble vases lining his oceanfront estate’s perimeter in New Hampshire with over a hundred flowers. The carefully paired flowers and elegant marble statues along with the magnificent fountain create a breathtaking view that often […] More

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    Reviving Old Charm: Modern Living in Bob Vila’s House

    Old House Appreciation: Embracing the Charm and Challenges of Living in a Historic Home Introduction Old houses have a way of captivating us with their timeless character and meaning. They offer a piece of history all to ourselves. However, owning a historic home is not without its challenges. In this month-long series dedicated to old […] More

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    Powering Up Community: Ozark Electric Co-Op teams up with KY3

    Ozark Electric Co-Operative: A History of Community Involvement Ozark Electric Co-Operative has been serving the communities of Southwestern Missouri since 1939. As a non-profit electric utility, it is owned by the members it serves and governed by an elected board of directors. The co-op’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to its […] More