Mohawk Industries Q4 loss widens with $876m charge.

Mohawk Industries Reports Wider Q3 Loss Due to Macro-Economic Pressures


Mohawk Industries, a home floorings manufacturer, reported a wider net loss in Q3 2018 due to a one-time charge of $876 million after a review of its goodwill and intangible asset balances. The company cited tough macro-economic conditions, higher discount rates, and a decline in its market cap as the reasons for the review. In this article, we will delve deeper into the factors that contributed to Mohawk Industries’ Q3 loss and their impact on the home improvement industry.

Impact of Home Remodeling Demand on Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries reported that demand for home remodeling has declined in the US due to higher borrowing costs and dwindling household savings that have squeezed consumer spending. This decline has had a greater impact on the home flooring industry than other sectors as most flooring purchases can be deferred. As a result, Mohawk Industries’ overall housing supply remains constrained, and residential construction activity has been subdued this year.

Mohawk Industries’ Q3 Performance

In Q3 2018, Mohawk Industries reported a net loss of $760 million, or $11.94 per share, compared to a net loss of $534 million, or $8.40 per share, in Q3 2017. The company’s adjusted earnings per share declined to $2.72 from $3.34 a year earlier but beat analysts’ estimates of $2.65. Revenue for the quarter fell 8% from a year earlier to $2.8 billion in constant currency. Despite missing on revenue expectations, the company’s shares gained about 1% after shedding losses due to Morgan Stanley’s announcement.

Morgan Stanley’s One-Time Awards for Future CEOs

Morgan Stanley disclosed that its next CEO, Ted Pick, and the other two top contenders for the job would be receiving one-time awards worth about $20 million each. The announcement comes at a time when the company is undertaking a significant executive reshuffling and cost-cutting measures. These measures, if successful, could help the company overcome the competitive pressures that have recently weighed on its trading operations.

Impact of Macro-Economic Conditions on Mohawk Industries’ Future

Growing macro-economic pressures continue to affect Mohawk Industries’ prospects going forward. While lower borrowing costs and rising household savings could buoy consumer spending, supply constraints in the housing market and subdued residential construction activity may continue to limit demand for home improvement initiatives. As such, Mohawk Industries’ leadership must remain vigilant and proactively take measures to ensure that the company remains competitive and resilient in these challenging times.


Mohawk Industries’ wider net loss in Q3 2018 reflects the impact of tough macro-economic conditions, high discount rates, and a decline in its market cap. These factors have limited demand for the home improvement industry, in which Mohawk Industries operates. While the company’s adjusted earnings per share beat analysts’ estimates in Q3, its future performance will depend on its ability to navigate macro-economic pressures effectively. As such, Mohawk Industries’ leadership must remain watchful and take proactive steps to keep the company competitive and resilient in the face of these challenges.

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