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Why a Plunge Pool May Be the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard

The Practicality of Plunge Pools

While a large pool may seem like the ultimate backyard luxury, it may not be the most practical choice for everyone. Considerations like location, maintenance costs, and upkeep time should factor into the decision-making process. Emily Henderson, a designer based in Oregon, faced these same hurdles when considering a pool for her family’s property. Living in the Pacific Northwest, where the climate isn’t conducive to outdoor swimming for the majority of the year, made a large pool installation an impractical choice. After weighing all the factors, she decided to install a plunge pool.

The Appeal of a Plunge Pool

Plunge pools offer a range of benefits, including a lower installation cost, less required maintenance, and a smaller environmental footprint. Not only that, but the smaller size of plunge pools means they can fit into more compact backyard spaces, making them an excellent choice for homes with limited outdoor areas. Emily Henderson and her family chose to work with Soake Pools, a company that builds plunge pools that can be used year-round as both a hot tub or regular pool. Designed to be a secret water feature in the garden when not in use, the plunge pool is surrounded by potted plants and greenery and fits nicely within the space.

The Importance of Design

The design of a plunge pool can play a significant role in how well it fits and blends into the overall feel of your backyard space. Emily Henderson knew from the start that she wanted the plunge pool to act as a secret water feature surrounded by potted plants, wooden split rail fences, and rectangular flagstones for hardscaping. The team from Soake Pools made sure that the design and layout worked with the installation and landscape teams’ logistics. The finished result proves that perfect design and installation can create an understated, functional water feature that enhances the beauty of the space.

The Value of Working With Professionals

Working with professionals is critical when installing a plunge pool. From inception to planning and installation, a technical team, like the one from Soake Pools, can ensure that the process is seamless and hassle-free. Their technical team worked closely with Emily Henderson’s installers and landscape team to ensure the project was completed successfully. The results speak for themselves.

The Perfect Backyard Hangout Spot

A plunge pool is perfect for chilling with family and friends or entertaining guests. For the Henderson family, it’s a great hangout spot after pickup games of pickleball on their recently shrunk sports court. Emily says it’s a “perfect hangout and entertaining spot” where they can swim, play, and relax in nature. From a design and overall practicality perspective, it’s clear that plunge pools should be a top consideration for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

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