“Palm Beach Gardens Seeks Annexation of 5 Zones: WFLX Report”

Palm Beach Gardens Incorporation Plan Draws Mixed Reactions from Residents

The Plan

On Thursday night, the city of Palm Beach Gardens unveiled a proposal to annex five geographical areas. The aim was to incorporate these properties into the city limits. However, any potential annexation would only become official if people within those areas vote to join the city. The city described the move as a “win-win” proposition, as it would help the city grow its tax base, which could lead to a decrease in residents’ tax rates. Additionally, it could help the city to better understand the capacity it requires for services, such as the size of its police department.

The Voting Process

According to city staff, each area would have its own vote, and any area that votes to join the city would become part of Palm Beach Gardens. The expected outcome would be clear after a vote scheduled for March 2024.

The Reaction to the Plan

The proposal drew mixed reactions from residents. Phil Pearigen, a Palm Beach County resident, believed the tax rates would increase since property values are increasing. He also expressed skepticism about the city’s services compared to those of Palm Beach County. 93-year-old Doris Souza felt that the county provided sufficient services and expressed disappointment with the city’s sales pitch rather than an informative meeting. However, Peter Banting, a Palm Beach County resident whose property is enclosed by Palm Beach Gardens, supported the project. He believed the incorporation would provide more services such as maintenance and repair of damaged roads, which is currently being done by the residents themselves.

Taxes and Home Assessment Values

The city estimated that taxes would decrease if the home’s assessed value lies at or below $411, 250, which represents 70% of the homes in the five areas. However, if the assessed value of an individual’s home was $600, 000, they would experience an increase of around $300 in taxes.

The Benefits of the Proposal

The proposal to incorporate the five geographical areas would provide a significant boost to the city’s tax base, leading to a decrease in tax rates for all its residents. It would also enable the city to provide better services such as maintenance and repair of roads, which would improve the living standards for residents in the annexed areas. Moreover, it would help the city better understand the demand for city services, which would help them allocate and manage resources more efficiently.


The proposal to incorporate five geographical areas in Palm Beach Gardens drew mixed reactions from residents. While some support the project, others are skeptical and do not want to deal with a city’s code enforcement or pay higher taxes. The main aim of this proposal is to help the city grow its tax base and improve the quality of services it provides. However, whether it will be successful or not will be determined by the vote scheduled for March 2024. The city must provide more information to residents and clarify their doubts to help them make informed decisions.

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