“Valley Residents Turn to Urban Gardens for Affordable Food”

Urban Gardening: A Solution for Cheaper and Nutritious Food


More and more people across the the Valley are opting for urban gardening as a way to cut costs and have access to fresher, healthier, and more nutritious food options. With 12% of residents struggling to afford food and 1-in-6 children going to bed hungry, urban gardening can be a crucial solution to the hunger and nutrition problems.

Avid Gardener and Seed Saving

Cecilia Nedelko, a Mesa resident, has been gardening since childhood and prefers to work with the soil, which she finds beyond fun, challenging, and exciting. Her backyard boasts a farm complete with an abundance of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One of Nedelko‚Äôs concerns is seed saving, which she finds always to be a gardener’s journey. To have a garden, you first need the seed, and that is why she finds it paramount to educate others about the importance of seed saving.

Empowering Communities to Fight Hunger

Greg Peterson, the founder of Urban Farms and Great American Seed Up, believes that community gardens are key to curtailing hunger and nutrition issues in the Valley. Peterson maintains that if people could empower themselves with urban gardens to feed their local community, it would help solve the food shortage issue. He also reveals that organic gardening is the best way to get maximum nutrition out of fruits or vegetables. Growing organic and being able to harvest at the peak of the season is something that he finds very fulfilling.

The Importance of the Great American Seed Up Event

The best time to plan and learn about urban gardening is at the Great American Seed Up event that takes place annually in Phoenix. The event is designed to educate people about the art of urban gardening, with experts always available to answer any questions you may have. It is an opportunity to learn about seed saving and the benefits of organic gardening. The next Great American Seed Up event is slated for Friday, October 27, and Saturday, October 28, at the North Phoenix Baptist Church.

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